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"OVERFLOW" is a software-based solution for creating multi-screen, real-time, interactive presentations and signage.

Physical displays will always have physical limits. Even when displays are combined with the use of a video switcher or a graphics card that accommodates multiple displays, these multi-display solutions quickly reach a their limitations.

OVERFLOW transcends these inherent physical limitations because it implements a software solution to accommodate mutiple displays to "view" into an infinitly large virtual presentation screen. In other words, your presentation can be as large as you want it to be. Our software stitches together the displays to allow you to create larger displays by combining smaller ones.

In addition, OVERFLOW support the use of a variety of sensors to allow users to interact with graphics and signage.

OVERFLOW is a framework that shortens the develpment time of real-time, large-scale, responsive signage and and rich visual experiences for entertainment design applications.

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