Kennedy Fabrications, New York [Interactive model for Corning]  
Sawad Brooks  
Hernando Barragán  
Quicktime video  
Model interface  
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Kennedy Fabrications  
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Kennedy Fabrications asked us to design and build the physical interface and software to drive the interactive component for the model that they built for Corning. We also designed the electronic circuitry that triggers the different video presentations when certain areas of the physical model are selected via the physical interface.

The system was designed to allow Corning to easily change the video presentations, depending on language and venue. The physical interface was designed to light attactively as well as to provide user feedback, and to emphasize through illumination the translucent, “milky,” iPod-evoking aesthetics of the model.

  Highlighting a different area of the model, launching accompanying video  
  The interface is clean and transfers its luminosity to the surrounding "milky" surface of the base of the model.  
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